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Creative Learning Environments


Welcome to our Infant room (6 weeks – approximately 1 year) where our experienced and loving staff will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable leaving your precious little one here with us! Our infants follow their own schedule, eating and sleeping on demand. We provide our parents with a “daily sheet” that includes details of their day.  In addition, parents and teachers communicate with our Kid Reports app for real-time updates.  Our teachers are known for taking pictures throughout the day and sending them to our mommies and daddies through the App so that they can see for themselves how wonderfully their babies are doing! Our infants receive lots of snuggles and one on one attention.  Our teachers are well-versed in child development and following daily lesson plans,  change the environment to meet the developmental needs of the children in their care.  Our teachers help facilitate activities that encourage them to achieve developmental milestones!


Our Toddler room is a hopping, busy classroom! Your Toddlers (12-24 months) get their first introduction to structure in this classroom.  As part of the teacher’s daily lesson plan, they have a “mini-group time” where they sing songs, play with puppets, and read stories. The children also experience Art and Sensory exploration daily, begin to learn the art of taking turns, and sharing and caring for their friends.  In addition, they experience music and movement and enjoy having lots of messy fun at the same time! They have an age-appropriate playground just for them, where they enjoy working those large muscles! In the Toddler room, the children experience many exciting transitions.  They grow and change so much in this one year! Our Toddlers transition from cribs to cots, bottles to sippy cups, and then finally to big kid cups. They begin to follow a set schedule of eating, playing, and napping. Our caring teachers give lots of love, all while keeping the children actively engaged!  They enjoy capturing moments of your little one’s dancing, painting and playing and display lots of photos within the classroom and through our App for you to enjoy!

Early Preschool

When your child turns two, they become part of the Early Preschool class.  As your child is becoming more independent, our teachers encourage and model appropriate play and social skills!  They follow the Creative Curriculum, a theme-based curriculum with a focus on “learning through play”, the Piaget method of learning.  Our teacher who are passionate about working with children, especially love creative experiences through art and music activities! They have engaging activities planned daily where they experience Art and Sensory as well as activities that encourage fine motor skills and the beginning concepts of math. This group especially loves “Music/Movement” time.  Potty Training is a large part of our day; we look for the five signs of readiness and then follow our parents’ lead. This classroom is busy, fun, and educational!