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The Treehouse

Learning Center

Toddler Classroom: 

Our Toddler room is a hopping busy classroom! Your “Toddlers” (12-24 months) get their first introduction to structure in this classroom. They have a “mini-group time” where they sing songs, play with puppets, and read stories. The children experience Art and Sensory exploration daily, begin to learn the art of taking turns, sharing and caring for their friends, experience lots of music and movement and enjoy having all that “messy fun” at the same time! They have their own little playground where they can enjoy working those large muscles! This is a large transition room, they grow and change so much in this one year! Our Toddlers transition from cribs to cots, bottles to sippy cups to big kid cups, and they begin to follow a set schedule of eating, playing, and napping. Our caring teachers give lots of love all while keeping the children actively engaged!  They enjoy capturing the moment of your little ones dancing, painting and playing and display lots of photos within the classroom for you to enjoy!