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The Treehouse

Learning Center


Welcome to our Pre-Kindergarten classroom! All of the children in this classroom will graduate and go to Kindergarten in the Fall. Our experienced and well educated teachers work hard from the beginning of the year to make sure each child is ready to move on. This classroom loosely follows a school district approved Kindergarten Curriculum. They have two separate Group Times. The first one is facilitated by Ms. Ericka and usually covers the theme of the week, sight words and a story that goes with the theme. The second one is run by Mrs. Ellen and is a refresher of all things that the children have already been introduced to such as the calendar, the weather, shapes, colors, numbers and the alphabet. They then break up into groups and participate in “Learning Centers”. Our Pre-K classroom has 5 different Learning Centers that the children rotate through. These stations are set up for each child to have an opportunity to experience the activities set up that encourage Art (run by Ms. Leah), Sensory, Math, Fine Motor and Handwriting skills. Science and/or Cooking activities are also implemented weekly to enrich the children’s learning. We have “teddy travels” who gets to spend one week with each child and his experiences are noted in a journal and shared with the class. We end each year with an unparalleled graduation ceremony at the park! It is such a beautiful thing that we get to experience with our families! Every child is well-prepared for success in Kindergarten when they graduate from Pre-K!