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The Treehouse

Learning Center

Early Preschool: 

Our early preschool classroom is full of “Terrific Twos”! Ms. Madi and Ms. Shelby love playing with these little ones! They are always down on the floor encouraging appropriate play and social skills!  They follow the Creative Curriculum, a theme based curriculum with a focus on “learning through play”, the Piaget method of learning. Ms. Shelby is passionate about working with children and is currently in college to finish her degree. Ms. Madi is incredibly creative and loves art and music activities! They have fun activities planned for them daily where they experience Art and Sensory as well as activities that encourage fine motor skills and the beginning concepts of math. This group especially loves “Music/Movement” time.  Potty Training is a large part of our day; we look for the five signs of readiness and then follow our parents’  lead. This classroom is busy, fun and educational!