Camp Tree House:

Our Summer Camp Program is so much fun! We go on field trips every Wednesday and have so many fun adventures together! We try to have fun themes that correlate with the field trip!  Mr. Cameron will run a lot of fun relay races, basketball games and capture the flag! Last year they even played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Touch football…they have a blast! Ms. Leah is incredibly artistic and she facilitates all of the crafts and fun projects that they work on throughout the summer. I hear she has a plan in the works for an art gala this summer. St. Louis Zoo, Splash Station, and City Museum are just a couple of Field trips we have planned this summer! I can’t wait for Mad Scientist week when we go to the City Museum and do tons of science experiments, like walking on eggs and balloon car races! 

  • Walk On1:00
  • Danjoe (Lil' Danny)1:33
  • Maingard3:16

The Treehouse

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